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7.1.2010 - Florna

Welcome to FRINGE of Cenarius.

A no-nonsense World of Warcraft casual raiding guild with a team-oriented approach.  If you're desiring a fun, drama-free atmosphere with skilled players (who are also altaholics) then please visit the Forum and follow the Application guidelines.

Currently FRINGE is recruiting level 80 players with ICC10, ICC10HM, and ICC25 experience.

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Halion Strategy: Video (

terendol, Jul 1, 10 4:55 PM.
If you have yet to set foot in RS, this vid is a good place to start for Halion.  High quality, can really see most of the aspects of the fight.  Head over to the forums to grab the link.

To read up at, follow this link.

Forums added, site under construction.

terendol, Jul 1, 10 10:07 AM.
It'll be touch and go, but more functionality will be added to the site over the next week.  Meanwhile, the Application thread is fully functional so direct interested folks there to make posts.

If you see anything that needs added or something you would like to see our site do, get a hold of myself or Rheyne in game.


FRINGE is born.

terendol, Jul 1, 10 8:24 AM.
Well, it's time.

Time to begin anew, and to build a guild that has fun and gets content down; treats members fairly and respects and values their time and lives outside the game.  Time to build a guild that does not prioritize one member's goals above the group's, and works together to have a great time in-game.

I'm not talking about ICC specifically.  I'm not talking about the race for a RS clear.  I'm talking about dungeon grinding, raids, leveling alts, getting each other gear, and running constantly and having a blast doing it.  I have seen bad GMs and great GMs; I have seen poorly led raids and the poison of greed kill good guilds.

I'd like FRINGE to be exactly what you find in the name itself - on the FRINGE of other guilds, being what they are not:  A happy home filled with players who come to play with each other every day, experiencing some of the best content this game has to offer.  Will the content get down?  Yes, most definitely.  

That being said, FRINGE is not a home for the arrogant, the cocky, the self-centered.  FRINGE is a home for chillax players who realize that hard work begets gear and the experiences of the game revolve around more than what's in your slots on your character sheet.

/end rant
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